Boston Chimney And Brick Repair

A common architectural theme can be seen across Boston and the surrounding area homes.  Bricks, originally brought over on ships as ballast, were used to construct many homes that are still standing today.  These materials have stood the test of time but still require maintenance and repair.  You can trust in the experience of three generations of masons here at Commonwealth Masonry and Paving to handle all of your  Boston chimney and brick repair needs. 

Repairing brickwork and chimneys is one of our specialties, so we’re familiar with the particular difficulties of the job. Our extreme temperature changes and icy buildups cause damage in the form of leaks, cracks, crumbling mortar and even collapse.

Much care must be taken to chimneys in particular because they serve such an important function to your home or business.  During our cold winters in Boston chimney leaks can actually vent harmful and toxic gases from your heating system and fuel burning appliances into the home, causing potential health risks.  

Leaks in bricks and mortar can also lead to water damage in your home or business causing further costs and hazards. It’s vital to the security of your home or business that your chimney is always in good working order. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to perform any maintenance or overhaul, whether big or small.

No matter if it’s a brick wall, steps or a chimney that needs fixing, our crew of skilled masons here at Commonwealth Masonry & Paving always use the best materials and tools to guarantee the durability and quality of our work. Each customer is given the individualized attention they deserve so we can tailor our Boston chimney and brick repair services to meet their specific requirements. 

Commonwealth Masonry & Paving is a local, family owned business and protecting your property and family is our top priority. Give us a call and see for yourself today.

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Brick and Chimney Repair Boston Area Relies On

We are your premier provider of top-quality masonry and paving services in the Boston area, from downtown to the I-95 loop. And we have been for three generations.  Our team of experienced and skilled professionals offer comprehensive services for all types of brick work, including walls, walkways, steps and chimneys to name a few.  

When it comes to chimney repair Boston area homes and businesses present some unique challenges due to factors like our harsh climate and the age of the brickwork.  We are no stranger to historic preservation.  In fact that’s where our decades of experience shows why we are the real Boston chimney professionals.  

Cracks in any kind of brickwork can cause water infiltration into the home or business which can be hard to pinpoint.   As water travels along the interior structure, adjacent wood will rot and wall coverings will begin to stain.  

Depending on the area and length of time it’s been leaking, there is the  potential for even more costly and hazardous damage to result from mold. This can often occur well before any physical signs of damage present themselves. 

Often the points between where the water enters and where damage presents can be quite spread out.  And sometimes only after significant damage has already occurred. As Boston chimney professionals, Commonwealth Masonry & Paving’s team of experienced masons know how to locate and repair brickwork, mortar and flashing to ensure the job is done right the first time. 

In addition to our chimney repair Boston MA area residents can enjoy our comprehensive range of other masonry and paving services to meet their needs. From brickwork to stonework, patios and pavers to concrete and paving, our team has the expertise to tackle any project, big or small. No matter what your needs may be, our team of chimney professionals is here to help.

So remember, for any type of brick or chimney repair Boston and surrounding residents can count on Commonwealth Masonry and Paving to handle all their needs.  Give us a call today and schedule a free estimate.

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The Premier Boston Repointing Service

Due to our harsh climate and the age of some of the homes in the surrounding areas of Boston repointing is a must to keep your brickwork looking good and functioning properly. When the mortar between your bricks deteriorates or becomes damaged, it can cause structural and visual issues. Besides improving aesthetics, repointing can also save you money in costly future repairs from damage. 

Water damage, mold, even personal injury can all be avoided with proper maintenance of your brick surfaces and structures.  Over time, mortar Retaining walls can give way to allow earth and material to spill into unwanted areas.  Crumbling stairs can result in a tripping hazard.  Water and mold damage can be prevented from sealing exterior walls and chimney repointing Boston homes. 

In all of these scenarios, the cost of repairs and clean up far outweigh those of properly maintaining your brickwork in the first place. At Commonwealth Masonry and Paving, our decades of experience allows us to identify and communicate these risks to our customers before they happen, saving them both time and money. 

Client satisfaction is our top priority.  From beginning to end, our attention to detail and dedication to quality sets us apart from other Boston repointing companies.  Having the proper tools and equipment, highly skilled masons, and using the highest quality materials guarantees that Commonwealth Masonry and Paving repointing services will yield the best results.  And we stand behind them.

Because we know that repointing can be a significant investment for homeowners, we do everything possible to ensure that our service has lasting results.  As we say, quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.  

Let us show you how three generations of masonry experience can benefit your home or business today.  Call Commonwealth Masonry and Paving to schedule a free inspection.

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Quality Chimney Repairs Boston Area Depends On

For chimney repairs Boston residents know their best option for trustworthy and experienced service is with Commonwealth Masonry & Paving. You can count on us for the thorough and dependable repairs and chimney repointing Boston and surrounding areas have come to trust.

Repointing your chimney is crucial not only for appearance, but structural integrity as well.  Cracks and deterioration in the mortar between your chimney’s bricks can cause structural damage and even chimney fires over time. Repointing a chimney strengthens its structural integrity, prolongs its life, as well as improving the outside appearance.

There are many causes for chimney repairs Boston area homes require besides just due to age.  A popular trend was to paint brick facades and chimneys, however brick is porous and actually needs to breathe.  Incorrect paint can trap moisture in the brick leading to efflorescence, which is a crystalline deposit of salts that forms an unsightly white or greyish coating on the brick. Paint can also accelerate spalling, which is when the outside face of the brick begins to crumble and falls away from the body of the brick. 

Vegetation, particularly ivy, can be very hazardous to brick structures, especially older ones.  Unlike modern cement based mortar, the bricks of older homes and chimneys were held together with a lime based mortar which is softer.  Further weakened by it’s age, mortar in older homes can be penetrated by ivy roots that invade even the smallest crack.  As the vine grows, these cracks widen and also allow more moisture in. 

After three generations of living and working here in the Boston area, the experts at Commonwealth Masonry and Paving have seen, built and repaired all types of buildings and structures. 

Give us a call today and let us bring that experience to your next project.